The latest version is version 47. It was released on November 27th, 2016.

Release XRay Version Download Supported Minecraft Versions Release Date
Beta --- --- --- ---
Latest Version 47 Download Everything from 1.5.2 to 1.11 2016-11-27
Previous Version 33 Download Everything from 1.5.2 to 1.10.2 2016-07-25

Report bugs on my post on the Minecraft forums. I'm very active there and fix them very quickly. Feature requests are also welcome.

How do I install it?

The mod comes with an installer. Simply double click on the downloaded file, and select a profile to install it into. You can select a vanilla profile, a modded profile, a Forge profile, or even a LiteLoader profile! It will also detect Technic mod packs and ATLauncher instances.

Note: if you double click on the installer, and it opens in WinRAR (or similar program), you will need to right click on the downloaded file, and go to Open withJava(TM) Platform SE binary. If that option is not available you may need to install or reinstall Java.

Manual installation

If you are using Forge, LiteLoader, or any launcher that utilizes one of these modding platforms (such as Technic), you can install XRay manually by placing the downloaded file into your mods folder - just like you would do any other mod. LiteLoader is the same as Forge except you must place it into a versioned mods folder. (e.g. .minecraft/mods/1.8.4/XRay.jar).

Disclaimer & Copyright

It is very simple: I am not responsible with what you do with my mod.

You may distribute my mod with the original links, and only the original links, on any website or forum you wish. You may not download and then re-upload my mod to any site without my written permission. If you feature my mod in a video, you must include a link back to this page.

If you're going to link to my mod from somewhere, I would really prefer it if you linked to this page rather than directly to the download. This way the user can download an updated version and read about the mod a little bit.